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What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a passive practice that leads to true relaxation of mental, emotional, and muscular tension.

Although it is sometimes called Yogic Sleep, you don’t actually try to sleep during Yoga Nidra. It takes a deep awareness to fully relax and release. Yoga Nidra helps you do this.

What do you usually do to relax?

As modern human beings, our chill activities often include TV, podcasts, books, eating, drinking, napping, exercising, etc. These choices are sometimes healthy, but other they are harming our health and our ability to actually relax. Distractions and diversions are okay sometimes, but they don't teach us how to truly let go.

In Yoga Nidra you turn your awareness inward, focus on senses, and rotate consciousness through areas of your body. You are guided by an instructor and you only need to maintain comfortable stillness and listen. If you have tried to meditate and feel overwhelmed by thoughts, emotions, or discomfort, you are not alone. Yoga Nidra is different and can help you stay focused.

Using Yoga Nidra, you can accomplish more than true relaxation. You can connect to your intuition, increase your ability to learn, allow your body and mind to rest, and you can heal.

You don’t need any experience to practice Yoga Nidra. I encourage you, whether it’s to increase creativity, become more receptive, decrease anxiety, or just relax, to give it a try! It has personally changed my life.

You can practice Yoga Nidra with me during the quarantine every Friday at 7 PM EST. All of my online classes are donation based. Register here.


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