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Anxiety Detox Course

A natural and simple approach to reducing anxiety and taking charge of your life. 

Do any of these sound like you?​

  • You are ready to make your health a priority and know you need to address anxiety to make that happen.

  • You struggle to stand up for yourself and say no.

  • You've had difficulty staying consistent.

  • You often feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin.

  • You want to simplify your life and gain freedom. 

  • You've been afraid to learn more about how anxiety is affecting you. 

  • You want to take a natural approach to healing. 

  • You want a simple and authentic approach and support team.


If any of that resonates with you I get it, because I have been there!

Back in college I was diagnosed with a clinical anxiety disorder and the struggle was very real. Despite being in the health and wellness field, I didn't always make the best choices for my mental health.

I was an over achiever that had to achieve every arbitrary goal I set for myself. I didn't realize I was losing myself along the way.

I was in a driven zone and didn't have much time to focus on my mental health or recognize if the path I was on was what I truly wanted.

Getting my doctorate was a very low few years for me and I felt I had made a huge mistake that I couldn't take back.

In the beginning of my career as a physical therapist I felt caged and the only thing holding me together was traveling for work and with my husband. Not being physically trapped helped only so long and eventually the dread of every work day, the headaches, the digestive issues, the physical pain, and the panic attacks became a glaring sign that I had to make some major changes.

Over the years I have not only become a women's health and movement expert, but I did the serious work in my personal life to create a healthy lifestyle that works for me.

Starting All About That Breath has allowed me to work with inspiring and incredible women and empower them to take charge of their health and live more relaxed and joyful lives.

I'm not perfect and I'm still working through personal stuff myself, but I know I'm on the right path and I'm light years from where I started 10 years ago.

When I sought help though therapy, coaching, and nutrition I was looking for authentic, passionate, and educated women to guide me and that's what I now hope to offer every one of my clients.

After years of practicing as a PT and then a coach I found that almost all of my clients were experiencing significant anxiety that was contributing to their overall health complaints. As I had experienced this myself I knew I wanted to dedicate my practice to helping women manage stress and anxiety a better way. 

I created the Anxiety Detox Course as a way to reach more women and help them learn a simple and natural approach to healing from their own home. 

The Anxiety Detox Course is a 6 module course that includes videos, prompts, simple homework, and handouts to keep you motivated and engaged.

Each week we will meet as a group via zoom where I can help you stay accountable and offer support. The course is self paced so it doesn't have to be finished in a 6 week format, but it is designed to be easily completed in weekly chunks. 

In the Anxiety Detox Course we will cover all of the following and more!


"Anxiety is one of those words that can be misunderstood and overused. Then someone diagnoses YOU with anxiety. It's scary, disappointing, overwhelming and embarrassing all at the same time. 

Knowing Dr. Sharp as a long time friend, but now as a Women's Health Coach, has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Throughout my journey she has been right beside me, teaching me, encouraging me, and coaching me. She convinced me to want to take care of myself, for the people I love, but more importantly for me. She made anxiety seem like it was a hill instead of a mountain. With her help I have learned to lose the insecurity, and realized lots of people fight this battle every day. Her courses and accountability have allowed me to focus on controlling my mind, manage the stress and anxious feelings, and discover the things my body needs to not only survive, but thrive. Cassandra Sharp works hard to help others win! Her personal story is an inspiration and it's accompanied with a judgement free experience that everyone can benefit from! Thank you Dr. Sharp for everything. It's a process, but with your help I have been able to learn and grow even when it's not easy! ❤"

— T, Client and Anxiety Detox Course Participant

Sign me up!

Ready to take charge of your health and naturally detox from anxiety?

The live component of this course has passed, but you can now purchase the fully self paced version without Zoom calls included.

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