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Yin Yoga: Surrender

This short 20 minute Yin Sequence will help you to let go and surrender to your mat.

Surrendering in this context does not mean to give up or give in with a negative view point. This practice is about recognizing what you can and can't control and deciding to release what isn't serving you. Let go of negative self talk and toxic thoughts and surrender to your mat by breathing naturally and releasing tension from the body.

Learn more about Yin Yoga basics here before you start.

You can begin by sitting comfortably and breathing for a few minutes. Allow your thoughts and senses to settle and become present. When you are ready, move into the first pose.

Pose 1: Low Lunge

This pose can be low lunge on your hands as shown or you can rest your forearms down to relax the wrists. If your forearms do not reach the ground you can use blocks, stacked pillows, or even books to bring the floor up to you! As a bonus you can transition into Lizard Pose instead by allowing your bent knee to fallout to the side as you come onto the outer edge of that foot. Try to relax into this pose, but remember your edge. Don't go into pain or discomfort, just a stretch sensation. As you breathe in this pose try to sink deeper. Focus on your breath and body in each moment to release distracting thoughts.

Pose 2: Shoelace Pose

If shoelace is too intense or your hips don't want to stay on the ground, try it one leg at a time. Keep your bottom leg straight with top knee in shoelace position. Then switch sides. Be mindful in this pose. Our hips are often very tight and restricted. Only stay as long as you are comfortable. Build up to longer holds in hip stretches.

Pose 3: Wide Angle Forward Fold

Find your own edge in this pose. Reach your arms forward, drop head to a pillow or the ground if that feels good. If you feel more restriction in the hamstrings or back, stay up higher resting your arms on stacked pillows, blocks, or books. Relax your head and try to melt towards your mat.

Pose 4: Corpse Pose

Find your Savasana. I recommend a pillow, rolled blanket, or support of some kind under the knees for comfort. Focus on your breath and release tension from your body. Truly surrender in this resting pose. Allowing negativity and distraction to disappear for the next 5 minutes or longer.


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