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Yoga for Cabin Fever

No matter where you are in the world your schedule likely looks a little different lately. Take a moment right now to inhale deeply, sighing with a long exhale. It will be okay and we will all get through this strange time together.

We are spending more time at home and although we are able to go outside, the restrictions to our routines can have us feeling cooped up. I've created a quick yoga flow that you can do at home to move the body and get out of a negative head space. This flow allows you to build some heat and work on balance while having fun with twists.

If you are new to yoga I recommend using blocks under your hands to bring the floor up to you, but they are not necessary. I hope that you can find your own movement in this flow and take time to breathe, move the way it feels good to you, and enjoy!

Yoga For Cabin Fever


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