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Yin Yoga: Hips and Back

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It's Friday! That means it's Yin Yoga day! Here is a sequence to do at home and release tension from the hips and low back. Before you get started remember the Yin Yoga tips!

1. Breathe and relax tension in the body

2. Bring awareness to the mind and body in each pose

3. Find stillness and quiet in each pose

4. Find your edge (in each pose move into it slowly, backing away from that area of just too much stretch)

5. Hold poses for longer periods of time (this means you may not go as deep as you normally would so that you remain comfortable)

6. Use supportive equipment if you need it to make each pose comfortable for you

No bolster? No worries! Use your favorite pillows or blankets!

Enjoy this 35 minute Yin Yoga practice! If you have more time add a long meditation to your practice in a restful and comfortable pose. Setting aside time each day to connect with yourself and relax can help you manage anxiety and gain clarity. If you don't have an hour or 35 minutes, start with just 5. Give it a try and subscribe to below to stay up to date and learn more about ways to decrease anxiety and find balance.


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